Sunday, 5 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Corgi Thunderbirds Classics Thunderbird 4

Thunderbirds celebrated it's 50th Anniversary in 1965. As part of this celebration, Corgi released a series of Thunderbirds models. So, lets continue our look with Thunderbird 4:

We've already looked at the box, so no need to show it again, but in the packaging tray, we have Thunderbird 4, nestled in beside Thunderbird 2. It doesn't quite look right when next to the grey sky packaging, but lets move on.

At first glance, many of you will notice that Thunderbird 4 looks identical to the 1992 mold that came with Thunderbird 2. There are some subtle differences on the front end. The trough is now painted in an off white colour to represent the lights. It's a slightly different shade of yellow used overall. The red striping isn't as thick as the 92 mold either.

The main differences on the other parts are that it now has a bottom plate, where the original was hollow and it now has THUNDERBIRD 4 painted on the rear of the craft. The bottom plate is impact bolted into place and has a CORGI trademark stamp.

It does fit in the pod of Thunderbird 2, but the hole isn't as big as the Matchbox one and it is a much tighter fit due to the tail fin too. I'm worried that if you were to get it in there, you'd have a hard time getting it back out again,

Not a bad little pack in with Thunderbird 2 overall. It's made of a thick diecast, so could withstand some roughhousing. However, I'd say the market for this is growing thinner and thinner. There are many fans that have grown bored of waiting for this model to finally be released from Corgi that they have moved on. But, if you are a fan that did wait, like myself, then I am pleasantly surprised and impressed by it.