Monday, 13 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Crystal Head Vodka

Crystal Head Vodka was conceived in 2007 by actor Dan Aykroyd, after he realised there was a lack of additive free vodkas on the market. It's made using peaches and cream corn, which is distilled 4 times to get a 95% alcohol grain spirit. It's reduced to 40% by being filtered 7 times with pure Newfoundland water. 3 of those filters being through Hermiker diamonds, semi precious quartz stones. They look like diamonds to the untrained eye. New Age belief states that Hermiker Diamonds have healing properties. As the vodka contains no additives whatsoever to mask or enhance the flavour, the factory has been considered gluten free and even kosher.

Before we get into the glass itself and the flavours, lets take a look at the box. The box front is very plain. It has a large picture of the bottle itself. It has the CRYSTAL HEAD logo and tells us that it is triple distilled over crystals. This bottle is the 750 ml version, not the magnum sized or the mini.

Both sides of the box use this same face on shot of the skull bottle with the same information from the front.

The back of the box contains the same information about how the vodka was made. It uses an old style map as the background of Newfoundland and this Pirate style font. Interesting design choice and it really works, adding mystique to the package.

There's a message about creativity, craftsmanship, purity and quality becoming a single masterpiece and with Crystal Head, I'd agree.

Inside the box is this insert. It's a little cardboard booklet that explains a little more about the vodka itself. Most of the information in the insert is recycled from the box. There's also a recipe card of some cocktails you could make at home and finally a picture of the vodka in a cocktail glass.

The bottle itself was crafted by John Alexander, based on a favourite legend of Dan's, that being the 13 Crystal Skulls. The glass is made by Italian company Bruni Glass. Due to the process used in making the bottles, no two bottles are identical.

Unlike a traditional bottle of vodka, Crystal Head is corked. It has a traditional wooden cork in the bottle with an interesting insignia on the top. It continues with the pirate style theme 

If you are an alcohol drinker, this one is one that shouldn't be drunk raw, there's still a lot of medicinal taste and smell. Some might say a metallic taste with a hint of fruit. It is better off drunk as part of a cocktail, However, aside from the collectible bottle, this is a rather expensive and premium vodka, £45 for a 750 ml bottle, which equates to around $80 US. Shopping around might net you a better deal overall. While not a vodka you can share out of the bottle with friends, the uniqueness about it and the fame associated with it make for interesting talking points.