Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Darth Vader Mood Light

We all know that Star Wars is a Marketing Juggernaut and nothing more so that proved this statement than The Force Awakens. If they could put the Star Wars logo on it and sell it to people, then it happened. Even food and drinks made their return with the Star Wars brand. 

This is the official Darth Vader Mood Light, released by Groovy UK in 2015. The box itself is rather plain, features the Star Wars: The Force Awakens logos of Kylo Ren. The front also features a graphic of the light with it's glowing red light inside. 

The back of the box has a brief bio of Darth Vader and then a run down of how it works, talking about the soft red glow, that will bring an element of the dark side of to any room. Underneath that is the usual copyrights and trademarking. Yes, this is an official product.

The instruction manual features Darth Vader on the cover. Inside, we get a guide on operation and battery installation. The light takes 3xAAA batteries and requires a small Philips head screwdriver to get the battery compartment off. One from a glasses repair kit would do the job. There's not much else in the manual. The rest of it is the same 2 pages of instructions printed in different European languages.

Here's the light out of the box. It stands about 12 inches tall from the top of the helmet to the neck. It's made entirely out of PVC and features thin plastic lenses in the eyes and the mouth grille. It's very well sculpted for PVC and could pass for a bust in it's own right on a desk. The paint apps are sparse and only have three silver pieces on the mouth plate.

Here it is with the light turned on. There's a large red LED in the mouth that glows when the switch on the bottom is turned on. It's bright enough to glow out of the eyes as well. It gives a nice effect. It isn't bright enough to be a night light or a room light. 

It seems that Groovy have simply repacked their 30th Anniversary edition Vader light in a TFA box. All in all, it's not a bad light. It's more a display and collector piece than anything actual functional. It all depends on how bad you want it as a collector and are willing to pay the £15 asking price for it online.