Thursday, 23 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Disney Parks Exclusive Indiana Jones figure (5 inch)

Indiana Jones and Disney have always shared a good relationship, From the rides and attractions, to the wealth of merchandise that's available to fans and collectors. These range from merchandise based on the movies, to Disneyana based merchandise.

In 2003, Disney parks unveiled a new line of action figures based on the Indiana Jones franchise. The first in a new series. The line was based solely around Raiders of the Lost Ark. The card itself is golden yellow with a large image of Indy dominating the left hand side. There is a large logo on the right hand side. The bubble itself is large and open, letting buyers get a good look at Indy and all his accessories.

The back of the card shows a map of South America. On the upper portion of the card, we have the INDIANA JONES logo and the WDW logo. Underneath, we have a film strip that shows pictures from the trilogy (as the 4th movie was in development hell at this point). We have a large image of Indy going for the golden idol and then underneath, the figures in the line.

Indy's accessories are a Fertility Idol on the stand, with a sandbag at the bottom. A spare sandbag and a machete. The paint apps on the them are great. The white wash on the sandbags give a worn look to them. The idol does look a little off. The stand itself is brown with green grass on the top. The machete comes painted in black for the handle and silver for the blade.

The figure itself stands around 5 inches tall. He comes dressed in a grey shirt and khaki pants. The outfit and design is based on his appearances in Cairo, not in Peru. There;s no whip included with the figure or molded onto his belt. The small holster is molded onto his hip. Articulation is 5 points. Head, shoulders and hips. The gas mask bag is removable, however it looks more like a purse than a bag. It comes painted in brown with a tan wash over the top.

This line was bad. The choice of figures was off. The sculpts were bad and in typical Disney toy fashion, the accessorites didn't make sense. This line had potential, but Disney really dropped the ball with it and looking back now, without the fandom rose tinted glasses, I can see why the line didn't take off and sell as well as expected. Bad toys, mixed with no product out to really bounce off and the fact they were Disney parks exclusive really didn't help matters at all.