Sunday, 5 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Doctor Who Magazine 500th Issue

Is there anything more than can be said about the Time Lord? One of the longest running sci-fi shows on TV also has the longest running tie-in magazine in history. First published in 1979 by Marvel Comics, it started out as a weekly comic before switching to Monthly and then bought by Panini in 1995 and being renamed to just Doctor Who Magazine. It's format may have changed over the years, but it's still one of the longest running magazine tie ins and even has a Guiness World Record for doing so.

This special copy of the Magazine hit newsstands on the 26th May 2016 and retailed for £10. Is it worth that £10? I'd say yes and lets see what we get. For a start, he's the cover of the card envelope that's filled to the brim with goodies. The cover itself has CELEBRATING 500 ISSUES in big gold letters with various images from the series around it. 

On the back of the envelope, we get a look at what we get inside the magazine and the envelope itself. We get a 120 page issue 500. A bonus 116 page magazine chronicling the history of the magazine. A double sided poster, stickers and an art card.

The first thing to fall out the envelope is this subscription offer. 3 issues of the magazine delivered to your door for just £5. Not bad as a starting point. It also features a nice promo photo of Capaldi and a dalek.

The sticker sheet features images from the comics, plus other pieces of DWM history from the last 37 years. Some things might be recognisable to some people as regular readers of the magazine will be.

The 1st Art Card that comes free with the 500th Issue special is for The Iron Legion reprint. On the back of the card are some panels from the comic, as well as a brief sales pitch about the trade paperback, out now from Panini.

You'll see a lot of uses of the recycled promo photo with Capaldi and the Dalek. In this instance, it features as one side of the poster that comes free. You can stick it on your wall.

The other side of the poster is Peter Capadi and the 500th issue done in the style of other anniversary issues. 

The cover of the magazine is a throwback to the 1st issue, released in 1979, posed very similar next to a Dalek. The use of the black star field, yellow text and old school Doctor Who logo are also throwbacks to this era. 

The back cover features Capaldi leaning against the dalek with a more modern twist, with the red galactic background and the modern logo in the corner. Her is to the next 500 issues. It's been a great ride so far.

The magazine itself is crammed to the gills with content. In this issue we have:
  • Messages from Capaldi and Pearl Mackie
  • An Interview with Tom Baker on Doctor Who Magazine, considered his last ever interview
  • Capaldi recreates the first magazine cover
  • Moffat talks candidly about his time on Doctor Who
  • Writer Jonathan Morris talks about how the magazine has changed in almost 40 years
  • A look at the proposed 2001 relaunch by Mark Gatiss
  • Capaldi answers questions given to Hartnell before he died, in a joint interview
  • A look at the making of Day of the Doctor
  • Top 20 DWM Moments
  • A look at adding comic characters to Doctor Who Legacy
  • Jacqueline Raynor talks about her Relative Dimensions column

The 116 page supplemental magazine is packed to the gills with content as well. The magazine itself is bright, colouful. The blue background used is a collage of covers. The back features pictures of the specials and anniversary issues. The blurb on the back gives a brief history of the magazine.

The magazine itself chronicles the full history of Doctor Who Magazine itself, from it's first 45 issues as a weekly magazine by Marvel, to going monthly. Still printing while Doctor Who was off the air in 1989-1996. It covers every single issue in all 116 pages, as well as interviews with the editors at the time, who explain what the magazine was like in each generation and how it's changed over 37 years.

So, to answer the question from the beginning? Yes, a thousand times yes. You're getting 2 full magazines worth of content, a whole slew of bonus extras and some awesome contests as well. I would recommend this to anyone and if you're a Doctor Who fan that doesn't have it? go and get it right now, it's well with the price.