Saturday, 25 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Slot Machine

When Kingdom of the Crystal Skull hit theaters in 2008, it sparked a resurgence in Indiana Jones themed merchandise across the board and one of the more interesting pieces of merchandise to be released was a slot machine, released by Red Games.

Before we get involved with the review, we must point out that we at Nerdversity 101 Podcasts do NOT condone or promote gambling in any way, this review is strictly based on it's pop culture aesthetic. The machine is meant to be played by over 18s and as such, is found in adult areas of arcades and in pubs and clubs. The graphics on the machine do their best to convey Indy and Mutt from promotional artwork, as well as Indy themed and Crystal Skull graphics on all machine to represent the different features.

Like any normal slot machine, the game is played by inserting credits and trying to match symbols on the drums to either win money or activate features to win even more money. The machine features music from the movies, including "In the Idol's Temple" from Raiders as part of Machine's normal play. The Raider's March is used as part of the features. Matching Indy heads on the win line will activate better features.

I was able to find this machine on my recent vacation and I did play one batch of credits. It was a fun little experience. I didn't win anything and walked away £1 a lighter. But for me, it was seeing our pop culture icons in this format. I'm not sure if it was released in other countries. You can see someone playing the game here.