Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Indiana Mickey figure

Indiana Jones has always had a great relationship at the House of Mouse. From theme park attractions to merchandise, the world's favourite globe trotting adventurer still has a loyal following, but what happens when mascots collide? 

The figure was released in Disney Parks in 2008 to coincide with the release of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The figure retailed for $10. The card itself is yellow and decorated to look like a treasure map. In the upper left, we have artwork of Mickey as Indy himself. Underneath that we have the Disney Parks logo and the large INDIANA JONES logo. The bubble itself features Indiana Mickey and all his accessories. The figure card has the INDIANA JONES logo on it too.

The back of the card recycles the treasure map motif. In the upper left, we see the Indiana Mickey artwork recycled, along with the logo. In the upper right, we have artwork of Mickey running away from the infamous boulder from Raiders of the Lost Ark. The lower half of the card has a picture of the figure and the idol. 

Indiana Mickey comes in a standard tray that has the figure, the whip, a gold idol and a shoulder bag. The figure itself is made of PVC. The facial sculpt is a mix of Mickey and Indy, with Mickey sharing Ford's trademark scowl. It's not well detailed, but does feature some great paint apps all over. Overall, he stands about 2 inches.

His main accessories outside the whip are a shoulder bag in tan paint with brown straps and a gold fertility idol. The bag can be left off or put on the figure, but the figure's head will need to be popped off in order for it to go over the shoulder, as the head is too big. The idol is made of plastic and coated in gold chrome. It's modelled after Mickey himself but also shares some resemblance to the idol from Raiders

Indiana Mickey can hold both the whip and the idol in his hands. You might need a bit of blu-tac to keep them in place, I know I did to keep them in his hands. The whip is one piece of brown plastic that looks like he's snapping it. Articulation is needed here to help keep things balanced, but can move at the neck, shoulders and waist. 

As this is a PVC figure, he can be broken down to his component parts and can be easily reassembled back, provided you haven't snapped off the ball joints anywhere. As mentioned earlier, it is the only way you can get him to wear the shoulder bag.

This is a figure that really appeals to Disney fans and fans of Indy. He looks great in any collection. The pricing, it can put people off, as he's $10 from Disney parks, but if you find him any more than that, it all depends on how badly you want this figure.