Friday, 17 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Jazwares A-Team Van

In 2010, Joe Carnahan bought back the A-Team in the form of an action comedy movie. The movie was hyped up and sadly failed to perform at the box office or in the home video sales. However, the hype was enough that 20th Century Fox worked with Jazwares to create a toyline based on the movie.

One of the trademarks of the A-Team is B.A.'s GMC van, which the A-Team uses as a mobile headquarters.It comes as no surprise that the movie would include it, as would Jazwares as the sole vehicle in the movie. The box itself is done in the same style as the action figures. The front is open and does have a large plastic window allowing you to see the van. On the left hand side, we have the metallic A-TEAM logo. On the front, we have the A-TEAM VAN card, with the same B.A. portrait as the movie poster and the single carded figure.

The back of the box features the same background as the single carded version and the A-TEAM logo in the upper left. However, unlike the card backs, we have an infra-red style picture of the A-Team van, complete with a run down on how the features work.

The van has a small insert which serves as a mini instruction manual, which only really tells you that the side door can come off. The other side has all the battery installation instructions. 

In the box, the Van sits in an explosion themed inner box that has slots cut out for the wheels. it's here, we can see that it has the dreaded elastic bands holding things in place.

Out of the box, we can see the van in all it's glory. It is detailed as much as a vehicle like this can be and is licensed by GMC. The front bumper is twisted because of how it's packaged. But the paint apps are simply black, red and silver. It is a a modern update to the classic 1982 GMC van that was prominently used in the original TV series.

The back of the van has barred windows and painted on tail lights. There's a GMC logo on the rear door, however the doors don't open. The license plate reads RANGR 75, a reference to the 75th Rangers, which the A-Team were all members of.

The driver and passenger side doors open to feature a bench seat that 2 figures can sit in. The figures do fit, however due to the fact that the van can fit all different 4 inch scale figures, the fit is a little loose, but Star Wars and GI Joe do fit in it quite well.

The side door opens and can come off. There are two seats in the back for 2 other figures to sit in. It's hard not to put the A-Team in their classic positions. BA and Hannibal at the front, Face and Murdock in the rear. Again, the seats are designed to fit a number of differently sized 4 inch scale figures. The door itself isn't secured and just sits at the edge of the track piece. 

Like the figures, the Van was quickly clearanced and removed from stores pretty quick, Boxed examples can go for £30-50, with loose examples going for £20, depending on condition. The packaging really doesn't help as many people seemed to think the van was broken in the box. The thing is, this could have been a chance for Jazwares to show us what they're capable of, but with the problems of the side door, rear doors and not being as functional as fans wanted really put people off.