Friday, 17 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Jazwares A-Team Military 3 pack

In 2010, Joe Carnahan bought the A-Team back as an action comedy. Sadly it didn't do that well at the box office or home video, but 20th Century Fox thought there was enough there for an action figure line.

The Military 3-Pack is a set that was scheduled to be released but wasn't in the US, but limited quantities did leak into the UK and parts of Europe. The front of the card is an expanded version of the single version, this time made to fit 3 figures and 6 weapons. It's still the same explosion background and A-Team Logo.

The back of the card is exactly the same as the single card versions. It has the same A-Team logo in the upper left, the blurb and the copyright and trademarking information.

All 3 figures are all new molds, aside from the heads, which are recycled and are supposed to represent commando versions of Hannibal, Face and Murdock. Each figure comes with an M4 Carbine and a Glock 19 pistol.

Based on his appearance in the Baghdad raid, Hannibal comes in a baby blue shirt with tan pants. He has a green webbing vest with ammo pouches on it. The articulation appears to be the same as the standard figure. There's what appears to be a strap on his waist.

Murdock and Face seem to share the same body type. The only difference between the two is that Face has a molded holster on his left leg. They both seem to be wearing green outfits with tactical vests molded over the top. They have scarves around their necks. The vests have numerous pouches and even a white wash over the top. There's a pistol and ammo molded to the chests. The heads are recycled from the original single carded figures. Articulation appears to be the same.

These figures appeared to be sold on a Japanese website initially, but sold out quickly. I have yet to see these available for the public. only in private collections and those lucky enough to find a pack. They appear to have had examples shipped before the line was cancelled.