Monday, 20 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Little Mac Amiibo

In 1983, Nintendo released a very simplistic boxing game called Punch-Out! in arcades. As they had a number of monitors left over from their failed RadarScope game, Miyamoto was challenged with coming up with a game to get rid of them. He came up with the idea of Dual Screens for Punch-Out!. The gameplay consisted of playing as a wireframe boxer by the name of Little Mac and it's your job to defeat increasingly difficult opponents with punches and dodges. Each game in the series that followed continued to use this formula, From Mike Tyson's Punch-Out! on the NES, to Super Punch-Out! on the SNES and finally the game simply called Punch-Out! for the Wii.

Little Mac is based on his NES and Wii counterparts, as the Wii version, as the Wii game is a reboot of the NES title. The card is green and features a large portrait of Little Mac in his modern look. The upper left of the card features the Smash Bros logo and tells us that this figure is part of the Smash collection. The upper right of the card features the character's name and what number he is. The rest of the card is taken up by the large bubble that features Little Mac in it. On the bottom of the card, we can see the NINTENDO AMIIBO logo.

The back of the card runs down all the features of what amiibos can do, in a more general term. This can be unlocking new features and rewards. Changing the skin of characters in games, levelling up and more. They work with the WiiU and New 3DS by simply tapping them on the NFC chip, For the older 3DS, you need the NFC reader. As this is a Smash amiibo, it levels up the more you play as Little Mac in games and gets stronger.

Little Mac stands about 3 inches in height and comes on the standard SMASH base, which is gold and has the Smash logo on it. He's posed moving forward whilst throwing a punch and like all amiibos, is completely static. His outfit is a black vest, green shorts, green boxing gloves and black boots. The vest and shorts have wrinkles in the fabric. 

Nintendo did a great job of sculpting and releasing these figures. There's a lot to see on this figure and the cel shaded look to the figure makes him look like he just jumped out of the game and is a real life trophy from the Smash series.

As he's one of the more difficult to find Amiibos in the wild, I was forced to find him online for about £10. He fits right in with the rest of the Amiibos, even with his semi realistic style. Definitely worth picking up if you can find him.