Sunday, 19 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Mega Man Amiibo

Mega Man debuted on the Famicom and NES in 1987. Inspired by comic books and Astro Boy, it changed the face of how platform games have been made since then. It's non linear, open world style would form the basis for many games since. Mega Man dominated the video game world for over 20 years, but has since fallen by the wayside at Capcom.

For years, fans have been wanting the Blue Bomber to appear in the Super Smash series. The Amiibo comes in the standard blister card for all Amiibo figures. The card is blue and has a large picture of Mega Man dominating the card. Mega Man can be seen clearly inside the bubble. which has the NINTENDO AMIIBO logo on the bottom

The back of the card explains the amiibo's functionality. The fact that it appears in the game, unlocks new features and levels up the more you play. Underneath that is a box that tells us that this is part of the SMASH series of figures, so the more you use Mega Man in combat with the Amiibo, the more it levels up.

Mega Man stands about 3 inches in height and is a statue, no articulation whatsoever. He comes on the SMASH base, which is gold painted and has the logo on it. Mega Man is posed with his Mega Buster raised and fist clenched The light blue hues are flat, whereas the darker blues are metallic 

There are some minor details on the figure, from the metallic red parts on his helmet, to the yellow power bar on the back of his Mega Buster. It isn't as well detailed as the other figures in the line, but it does look great and he does look like he stepped right out of the game.

I picked this figure up for less than £10 from Amazon and I admit I am impressed with how detailed these figures and how the different styles of figures match their respective games and yet somehow don't feel out of place when posed next to each other, even with the non Smash figures.