Saturday, 18 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Mr, Game and Watch Amiibo

In 1980, Gunpei Yokoi was on a bullet train and saw a businessman playing with an LCD calculator to pass the time. When he returned to Nintendo, he went to R&D1 to create the world's first handheld LCD video game system. What was born was the Game & Watch series of pocket LCD games. They were a 3 frame LCD game in which our LCD hero Mr. Game & Watch had to complete a task, as well as having an alarm clock inside. The success of Game & Watch paved the way for portable and handheld gaming.

Mr. Game & Watch has made multiple appearances in the Smash Bros series since Brawl on the GameCube. Here's the amiibo figure they produced for the current game. The card itself is green with the SMASH logo behind it. One of the differences on this card is that there are multiple pictures of Mr. Game & Watch in all his forms. We also get a run down on his gimmick, which we'll get to shortly. He comes on the same blister card with his name behind it. The figure sits in the large bubble and there's a card with the NINTENDO AMIIBO logo on it.

The back of the card runs down how Amiibos work in general, as well as how the connect to the WiiiU gamepad and the 3DS. As this is a Smash Amiibo, the more you use it in combat, the more it levels up.

Mr. Game and Watch is a very unique figure overall. Out of the packaging, he comes standard in this one legged pose, as if shouting at the opponent, he also comes with 3 other figure pieces based on other games and yes, it is interchangeable. The sculpt is very plain. 4 2D flat pieces of plastic painted black, with a silver outline.

How the gimmick works is that you can simply pop the figure off the base and insert any of the other 3 figures into the base. From what I know, it doesn't change the skin, but is more based on personal preference.

I picked this figure up for under £10 new, off of Amazon. it wasn't that difficult to find and shipped pretty quickly. The figure comes in either single carded form or in a Retro Pack featuring the Duck Hunt Dog, R,O.B. and Mr. Game & Watch.