Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Pac-Man Amiibo

In 1980, Namco released a puzzle game called Puck-Man into arcades. In Japan, it was given a lukewarm reception from arcade goers and was never quite able to capitalise on the success of Space Invaders. In the US however, it was one of the biggest games of 1980 and even earned a billion dollars in profit for Midway. It outgrossed even Star Wars in terms of profits. It has become ingrained in pop culture that it often makes the top 10 games of all time lists.

The card for Pac-Man is orange and has the Smash logo behind him. It features a large picture of the official art for Pac-Man, where he's giving the thumbs up and winking at the player. The upper left of the card tells us that this is a figure in the Super Smash collection and the right hand side of the card tells us his name and number. The rest of the card features the large bubble where we can see the Pac-Man in it. The bottom of the card has the NINTENDO AMIIBO logo.

The back of the card shows what Amiibos can do for games in general. Such as appearing in games, changing skins, unlocking new content and leveling up. This Amiibo only really works with the WiiU and New 3DS. As with all Smash amiibos, Pac-Man will level up the more he's used.

Pac-Man here is seen is his Ball Form, which was seen in artwork from Pac-Land onward. He stands in his official artwork, where he stands and gives the thumbs up, whilst winking at the player. He stands on the same golden Smash base as the other smash fighters. Once again, like all amiibos, there is no articulation.

I was able to find the Pac-Man amiibo online for £10. It was well worth the purchase. He fits in fine with all the other amiibos, despite being not as detailed as the others, but he's designed that way to match 1980s artwork and sprite design, so it works.