Thursday, 30 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Polar Lights KISS Model Kit - Peter Criss

It's hard to deny what KISS did for heavy metal music over the last 50 or so years. In 1976, they released their 3rd studio album. However, reviews at the time were mixed and only recently has it achieved the critical acclaim it should. 

In 1998, Polar Lights, a company that is famous for Horror related model kits, released models based on Destroyer as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations. Peter Criss comes in the standard tall box that was used for these releases. It features a large KISS logo on the upper portion of the box. A close up of Peter dominates the majority of the box. In the left hand side is PETER CRISS and on the front is a copy of his autograph. 

The interior box is plain white cardboard. Inside the box itself is another poster of the cover art. Sales leaflets for other Polar Lights kits and most importantly the sprues for the model. They are molded in flesh coloured plastic. As this is a traditional model kit, you will need glue and plastic clippers to remove the pieces. 

The model kit goes together well and even amateur model makers probably won't even need to use the instruction sheet. Painting is largely in blacks and silvers. A thin brush and a steady hand will be required. 

Released at the same time as the 1998 release, was a series of limited edition model kits. Released in a slightly different box. The contents are the same, but the sprues are cast in black and white this time around. 

Getting more up to date now. In 2009, as part of Destroyer's 35th Anniversary release, Polar Lights remolded the model kit. It came in a collectors tin. It was also pre-painted and snap-fit.

The final model we're going to be looking at. This is an interesting and obscure series of KISS products that are also official. Polar Lights did their best to appeal to fans of the band, as well as model makers in this one. If you are interested in owning a series, then the 1998 originals will set you back around £80 for a set, whereas the 2009 ones are about £45 a set.