Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: R.O.B. Amiibo (Famicom)

In 1985, Nintendo launched their FCR, or Family Computer Robot for the Famicom. It would be released in 1985 and 1987 as R.O.B, or Robotic Operating Buddy for the NES. Ever since then, R.O.B. has been a mainstay in Nintendo pop culture and has made numerous appearances since. But now, he has his own Amiibo.

R.O.B comes on the standard Amiibo card. It features artwork of R.O.B in the background with his name underneath it and yes, this is the same R.O,B that would be featured in NES colours for the standard release. 

The back of the card is standard for the Smash Bros figures. The upper half of the card shows that the amiibo works with the WiiU and 3DS. The bottom half of the card shows that the R.O.B. will level up the more it's used in play. This works in single player and multiplayer.

R.O,B. comes with the same instruction manual that the other amiibo figures do, really going over safety procedures with the figure and what not to do with it. It's printed in a variety of languages.

R.O.B comes in the same standard stand up packaging that all amiibos come in, This makes for a great in package display, but also means that it can't be read by the wiiU or 3DS. 

Taking R.O.B out of the plastic tray, he stands about 3 inches tall from base to head. He comes in cream plastic with red details. Like the other amiibo figures and other similar figures, he is completely static and has no articulation, simply looking off to the side, like he's looking at the TV screen for more instruction. He's well sculpted and well detailed, looking like a shrunken down version of the original 1985 toy.

A nice little reference to his original toy can be found on the front panel. It read FAMILY COMPUTER ROBOT, his original name. 

On the back of the figure, aside from the coiled power cable, there's also a molded on power switch that is flicked onto the ON position. It's little details like this that really make a decent figure,

The NES and Famicom R.OB amiibo figures side by side. Here, it's easy to see that the Famicom R.O.B is a repaint and has a few extra details.

I was lucky enough to find this carded in the UK and snapped it up right away. I liked it and thought that it's a great reference to a classic product from Nintendo. He fits right in to any collection and will work on the US and UK versions of Smash and will level up as normal.