Friday, 17 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: R.O.B. Amiibo (NES)

In 1985, Nintendo released a version of the Family Computer Robot in the United States and Europe. The name was changed to R.O.B. which stood for Robotic Operating Buddy. He runs on 4 AA batteries and only worked with 2 games, Stack Up and Gyromite. Despite the fact he only works with 2 games, he became a hit and is quite collectible these days.

R,O,B comes on the standard blister card used for the Amiibo range of figures. The card back is grey blue with the Smash logo behind a graphic of the figure. Underneath is his name. In the upper left, we have the SUPER SMASH BROS name and the fact it's part of the Smash collection. This is number 46 in that collection. The bubble is large and shows R.O.B off fully. Underneath the bubble is the NINTENDO AMIIBO card.

The back of the card shows how the amiibos work and their functionality in a general sense. How they change skins of characters, level up as you progress and unlock new features. Underneath that, we have a large graphic that shows how it works with the WiiU gamepad and both versions of the 3DS, either tapping it on the NFC reader on the 3DS itself or getting an external reader. As with all Smash amiibos, R.O.B will level up and get stronger the more it's used.

This version of R.O.B is the primary version and is based on his NES paint scheme of off white and grey. His base is grey with black details. His arms are a dark grey and the rest of his is painted in the off white colour. Like all amiibos, he's a statue and posed  looking towards the viewer.

R.O.B. is well detailed, which is fantastic Details include a NINTENDO ROBOTIC OPERATING BUDDY label on the front of R.O.B, even in tiny font. On the back, there's a power switch in the ON position. It's little details like this that make it a great figure and well worth the price,

I picked up both versions of R.O.B. for £10 each and thought that was well worth the price. Both were carded as well. Neither version seemed that hard to find, especially since R.O.B in his NES colours are available either in the retro pack, with this, Duck Hunt duo and Mr. Game and Watch, as well as a single carded figure.