Thursday, 23 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Sonic and the Black Knight - Sonic figure

As the blue blur celebrates his 25th anniversary today, I thought we'd take a look at the Jazwares Sonic figure, part of the Sonic and the Black Knight line.

Released in 2009 as a tie in to the video game of the same name. The figure comes in this unique blister card that has Camelot in the upper right, while the upper left features the game's name. The rest of the card is taken up by the bubble, which features Sonic and his sword, Caliburn.

The back of the card is plain and just features an advert for the figure being from the game and a promotional picture of Sonic and Caliburn. On the bottom is a large logo from the game.

Sonic is a slight remold of the previously existing 5 inch scale figure. The only difference here is that he now has a gauntlet molded onto his left hand, rather than the glove. He's articulated at the neck, shoulder, biceps, wrists, hips, knees and ankles. Due to him being based on the new style to him, the figure's head is unusually large and can cause balance issues. However, due to the articulation, he can be posed in so many ways, especially with his accessory, Caliburn. 

Caliburn is his only accessory. It's a sword molded in silver plastic with bronze detailing on the hilt and grip. There's some red paint in there too. There's detailing on the sword as well, which is some great work from Jazwares. 

Jazwares would release a 3 inch scale version of the figure later on, as part of another line. This one is practically the same as the 5 inch scale version, just that they've now added waist articulation. 

So, here's to Sonic on his 25th Anniversary. We've all had a lot of fun playing the many Sonic games out there, some bad, some good. But here's to 25 more years of the blue blur!