Monday, 27 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Star Wars The Force Awakens Han Solo

Star Wars The Force Awakens was released in December of 2015 and was critically acclaimed. It was followed up with a massive merchandising campaign.

Released earlier this year, the Han Solo figure is part of the forest wave. The card itself features the same Kylo Ren title at the top. A large picture of Han on the left hand side of the card and then the bubble, showing the figure and all his accessories.

The back of the card has a large section that tells of Han's bio in relation to the movie in different languages. How his build a weapon piece fits in with the other pieces in the Forest wave. The other figures are a Hassk thug and Rey in her resistance outfit. The rest of the card is the usual legal jargon on copyrights, trademarking, safety and licensing.

The double sided instruction sheet explains how the figure can hold the build-a-weapon piece and how the backpack with the weapons is put together,

And here's the figure in all his glory. He sports the same 5 points of articulation as all other figures in the 4 inch scale line, moving a the neck, shoulders and hips. The likeness to Ford is a little shaky and doesn't look much like him. I've yet to see a figure that really does capture his likeness. His appearance is exactly as it is in the movie, with a brown jacket, white shirt and brown pants and boots. There is detailing in his outfit, with wrinkles being molded into the fabric.

His accessories are his blaster pistol and a pulse rifle. His jacket is removable as well. Some might consider it an accessory. The blaster pistol is black with a brown grip. The pulse rifle is a metallic grey, with green highlights and what appears to be a red ammo case.

He can hold either weapon in his hands and the holster does work, allowing Han to at least holster his blaster pistol. He can't holster the pulse rifle. I'm not sure many people like the weapons gimmick and I don't think many will choose to display him with it.

This is a figure I've been waiting for and I'm glad I finally have it in my collection. It's a great figure, though not without it's flaws. I'd recommend this figure if you don't own it already and it will round out your Heroes collection from the new movie.