Friday, 3 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Star Wars TFA Rey's Speeder 4GB USB flash drive.

As I mentioned in my Mood Lights reviews, Star Wars is a merchandising and Licensing juggernaut, so lets continue with a look at a rather unique item:

This is the Disney Store exclusive Star Wars The Force Awakens Rey's Speeder 4GB USB flash drive. It comes in a red box that has the product name and Kylo Ren on the bottom and then a window on the front where you can see inside.

Not much on the back of the box, other than a whole load of copyright and trademarking information. It also states that it's a Disney store exclusive, only available in the US, Europe, Japan and China. It cost $25.

Taking the USB drive out of the red box, we can see that it's still wrapped in a clamshell case. Not much to really say here, but the flash drive is still visible through the package.

Out of the package, we have Rey's "ice cream bar" speeder, as seen in the Jaaku scenes early in the movie. It's superbly detailed and painted. I do believe that this is a modified Micro Machines or Titanium speeder. The net on the side is molded on, as is the shoulder bag on the side. The engine piece and boosters are painted in metallic silver with a black wash.

Popping off the outer shell reveals the back half of the speeder and the USB part. I've not actually put it into my computer yet to see if there's any files already on it or if it needs formatting first. 

As a Star Wars fan, this is an interesting novelty item. It treads that fine line between functional item and desk ornament. I'm sure some fans out there that might get some use out of putting their work on it, It's more than generous in terms of space and at $25, it fits a number of budgets.