Friday, 24 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Star Wars Weekends Mickey as Pilot Luke

Star Wars is another franchise that has done well when combined with Disney Parks. From the amount of merchandise, to the Star Tours ride and now the Star Wars Lands across all theme parks. 

At Star Wars Weekends 2014, which was a month long celebration of all things Star Wars, they released a special edition twin pack of figures in their Disneyana Star Wars range, where classic Disney characters get the Star Wars treatment. In this case, we have Mickey as Luke in his Pilot's Uniform and Donald as Han Solo. The card itself has one of those collectors Clamshell packages over the top of the actual carded figure pack. The card itself is plain black with the Star Wars logo in the middle of the card. On the right, we have a 3+ age rating in a Mickey head, and on the right hand side of the card, we have the Disney Parks merchandise logo on the back. The main body of the card shows the Hoth Hangar in the background with Mickey and Donald in the front, with their accessories. The insert has the Star Wars Weekends 2014 logo on it.

The back of the outer clamshell has STAR WARS WEEKENDS embossed on it. The card back itself has a star field and gold border. Underneath the Star Wars logo, we have a short bio of Luke and Han taking part in the Battle of Hoth. We have a picture of Mickey and Donald photoshopped into the same Rebel hangar scene. Underneath, we have a small marketing blurb about how it's a 1980 exclusive piece for Star Wars Weekends. Mine is 0061 or 1980. It retailed for $16.95.

As mine is a low number limited edition, I will NOT be opening this set for this review, but will be commenting on the set in general. Mickey as Luke comes dressed in his orange/red pilot's flight suit and stands at around 2 inches tall, like other figures in the line and the Indiana Mickey figure. The suit is well detailed. All the straps and flares on the boots are there. The helmet does appear to be removable, but would take some effort. Articulation is the standard at neck, shoulders and hips. He comes with a blaster pistol, which would fit in his left hand, but not right, as the right hand is fully closed. 

The Rebels were the theme of 2014's Star Wars Weekends, with the tagline of "Join The Rebellion". The set itself cost $17 or £12 and goes for around £25 now on the secondary market.