Friday, 24 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Star Wars Weekends Donald Duck as Han

As well as having a large presence in the parks, from the Star Tours ride to various merchandise, Star Wars also had a large presence with it's yearly event called Star Wars Weekends. Sadly they cancelled the event after 2015, as the new Star Wars Lands were announced and it would give Disney a much larger daily presence.

Released as part of the 2014 merchandising line up, this double pack was available in the Darth's Mall store. It retailed for $16.95 and limited to 1980. The figures are double packed inside a card and then a clamshell over the top. The card is primarily black with the STAR WARS logo in the middle. Underneath, we have a shot of the Rebel Hangar from Empire Strikes Back with the figures positioned as if they're in there. 

The back of the clamshell has STAR WARS WEEKENDS embossed on the back. The back of the card has a run down of the Battle of Hoth. Underneath that, the figures in this pack superimposed in the Hangar scene. Then finally, a marketing blurb about how these are limited edition figures, only from Star Wars Weekends. My set is 0061 out of 1980.

I will not be taking these figures out as I have a low number limited edition. Donald is dressed as Han Solo from the Empire Strikes Back movie. He comes in the tan shirt, blue jacket and brown pants, with black boots. The pants have brown belts molded on. Articulation is the standard in these figures, neck, shoulders and waist. His accessory is a blaster pistol. Oddly, his left arm (our right) is molded in this punching style. Very odd. He stands around 2 inches tall.

The theme for the 2014 Weekends was "Join the Rebellion", so that's why all the merchandise was themed around The Rebels, or having an orange theme to it. The figure set cost $16,95 when new (or £12.) Looking on the secondary market, it's gone up to £25.