Friday, 17 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Super Mario 30th Anniversary Mario Amiibo (Modern)

Mario is one of Nintendo's most famous mascot and is still making money for the company. He's one of the most recognisable mascots, more recognisable than Mickey Mouse. So in 2015, Nintendo celebrated the 30th anniversary of their plumber mascot.

This figure was made to coincide with the release of their 30th anniversary game, Mario Maker, in which Mario fans can make their own Mario levels and put them on the internet for people to download and play. The card is different. It shows a level from Mario in the background with the 30th anniversary logo in the upper left, then a large image of Mario's head on the right hand side. The main bubble shows Mario jumping out of a pipe.

The back of the card shows what the amiibos do in general and how they connect to the WiiU and 3DS, either with the reader or tapping them on the screen with the new version. Underneath that, tapping the Modern Mario amiibo grants the use of a Super Mushroom and changes the skin of Mario to an 8-Bit version of his modern self.

The base is a green pipe that has SUPER MARIO 30TH ANNIVERSARY on the lip. The figure itself is a statue. The design of his costume is based on his modern look, with the blue overalls, red shirt, brown shoes and white gloves. The cap does NOT feature the M on it, but the disc is white. It has that blocky and pixelated look to it, very reminiscent of the NES era graphics. 

Both versions of the 30th Anniversary Amiibo are available now, both single carded or in the Mario Maker bundles. Neither seem more rare or collectible than the other. I was able to find both of these for £10 each. The classic one was used, the modern one was brand new.