Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Super Mario Collection Wave 4 - Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong first made his debut in Donkey Kong Country as the son of Donkey Kong. He would star in all the games since, including it's spin offs. He would make his debut in the Mario Power Tennis game for the Gamecube. Even now, despite his appearances in party games, including Mario Kart and Smash Bros.

Diddy Kong appears on the same card as the others in this series. It shares the same red backing with the SUPER MARIO logo on the top right. It's taken direct from Super Mario World. On the right hand side of the card, we have a generic image of Mario jumping. The bubble is smaller this time round and we can see Diddy inside the bubble.

Diddy stands just over an inch tall and is posed in a hunched over position. Together have given him his classic look from the DKC series of games, with his red shirt with stars on, to his red ball cap with NINTENDO on it. He's molded in a squatting pose, like he's running. This gives him an appearance where he looks down at the floor. There's more detailing and paint apps on this figure, given the molded on fur pattern.

I paid £2 for this figure from The Works here in the UK. I think Diddy is worth it, just based on the sheer amount of detail on the figure alone, especially with the painted on Nintendo logo on the red baseball cap. Sure, some people might give it a pass, as it is more or less shelf decoration, but really, if you are a Mario fan, this might be worth a look in to.