Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Super Mario Collection Wave 4 - Waluigi

Waluigi made his debut in the Mario franchise with Mario Tennis on the N64. He was the evil counterpart to Luigi and has made multiple appearances since, mainly in party games.

Waluigi makes his mini figure debut in this 2012 release by Together Toys. he shares the same red card as Wario. It's a shame they didn't change the card for each figure. The front of the card is red with the SUPER MARIO logo on the front and a generic picture of Mario jumping in the corner. The circular bubble holds the figure and the stand,

The card back is the same as the other figures in the collection. Again, I wish they had changed up the card for each release. But it recycles the same SUPER MARIO logo in the upper corner and a little graphic of each figure and their name underneath.

Waluigi stands taller than Wario, more towards three inches. He's posed in a semi squatting way, flexing his muscles much like Wario, with a grimace on his face. He comes in a black overalls with purple undershirt and hat. The hat even has the backwards and upside down L on it, as well as the back of his gloves. The sculpting and paint apps are great, making him look like he just stepped out of a game.

I paid £2 for this figure from The Works and I think it was money well spent. Despite being a solid piece of plastic and a shelf decoration, he's a must have for any Mario or gaming fan, sure they're not as well detailed as other gaming related figures, but they are well worth the cheap investment.