Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Super Mario Collection Wave 4 - Boo

Boo is a ghost type character that first debuted in Super Mario Bros 3 for the NES. They are known to be shy, as they freeze in place when someone looks at them, only moving when people are looking away. This comes from Shigeru Miyamoto's design, as Takashi Tezuka's wife was usually shy, but was angry at him coming home late. Boo has made appearances in almost every Mario game since Super Mario Bros 3.

The card is the same as every other figure in this line. The card itself is red with the SUPER MARIO logo in the upper left. It also tells us that this is wave 4 of the mini figure collection. The left hand side of the card features a generic image of Mario jumping. Boo is found in a circular bubble.

The back of the card is the same as the others. It features the same graphics from the front in the SUPER MARIO logo. It also tells us to COLLECT THEM ALL. Underneath that we have 6 images from the games of all 6 characters in this wave, Underneath that, on the bottom of the card, we have all the trademarking, copyright and licensing information. 

Not much to really say about Boo and not much to really get wrong. He is a spherical piece of white plastic on a black base. The eyes and eyebrows are painted on, the open mouth is sculpted and painted, while he has stubby little arms. While the others are a little rubbery, Boo is all one solid piece.

So, that's it for these reviews of the classic enemies from the Mario franchise and this wave in general. I paid £2 for this figure from The Works and well, I was kind of impressed what Together Toys did in 2012. Decently sculpted for what it's worth. Sure, it's not an action figure, but it looks great on a shelf with other video game characters or Mario collections.