Sunday, 24 July 2016

Nerdversity Discussion: Thundercats 2012 and Bandai - Final Thoughts

While doing all these 2011/2012 reviews, I watched the series again and examined the toys closely. There was a lot of potential in both. The figures in the basic waves and some in the deluxe wave of figures. I couldn't see much wrong with the vehicles or the playsets, but like always, that's open to opinions. 

To me, I think the line relied on too much repetition and variants. Why buy another panthro when they could have made his arms swappable? could they have not made the armour for Lion-O an extra piece? These are all questions that us fans ask, but we all know they made this line for kids, hence why all the variants to get parents to spend their hard earned money on a new one. The action feature deluxes fall into this.

As we see in the above picture, there were plans at gamestop to release a Prince Tygra figure, a basic Grune and a basic Slithe, which Slithe should have been made from the get go. However, as the line was cancelled, these figures were never meant to be. There were plans for others as well, so does this mean if the line had continued into waves 3 and 4, we'd have gotten Jaga, Kaynar, Addicus, Vultaire, Pumyra and the Berbils? well, some sources, like AFI, we would 

That's everything Bandai teased, IF the line had continued into 2013.

No Vultaire or Pumyra or any other minor or incidental characters. Shame really, They seemed to promote the flashback characters through the Armor of Omens and Tiger Flyer, yet didn't release a figure of Leo or Panthera, none of Tygra's family. Not even the elephants who guarded a village, the petlars, the people in the forest of Magi Oar. The duelist and the drifter, to name but a few. So, what could have been would have been interesting. I can only hope that some of these figures, if not more may one day see life in the upcoming Mattel/Super 7 toyline that was showcased at SDCC