Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Cars in the Park 2016 (Day 1)

Cars in the Park is a charity event set up by Rotary International. For those of you that might not know who they are. they are a secular service organisation. They work with many organisations, charities and companies across the world to better people and achieve world peace. This can be in many forms, such as sending care packages to refugees in disaster zones, Reading Programs to help illiterate children or even going to other countries to help in projects there.

Cars in the Park is a Rotary event, working with West Midlands Air Amulance, as well as St. Giles Hospice. It's a family fun weekend, in which car dealerships, car clubs and even regular people bring their cars of all kinds down to Beacon Park and display them. Entry to the park, for the public, is free, but they do ask for a donation to the Air Ambulance. 

Braving the grey skies, I journeyed down to the park, I paid my donation and went inside. Right off the bat, we have car dealers around the entrance. These were selling all the latest models of cars and at a cheaper price than they would be in the show room. Saturday was the quieter day with less people around and less car clubs. Though there were a number of vendors selling all kinds of things. These ranged from custom made car parts, vintage and modern car parts. Custom made furniture, DIY and car care, to toys and models.

Aside from looking at cars and vendors, they had a large ring in the middle of the park and this was used for all kinds of displays, ranging from the JCB and diggers, to car clubs, to a fire and safety demonstration. Air ambulance and even falconry. My only real complaint about this whole event overall was the cost. Now, the donation was fine and I want to make it clear that this is no way the fault of Rotary. But, the costs inside the the event were far too much. £8 for a burger and a coke is too expensive, especially when they're trying to attract families. Same for a lot of vendors. Don't expect cheap things here. Vendors know what they have and will charge the right sort of money for it, so eBay and collectors prices. I would say that to make it cheaper, definitely bring your own food and drink, as it's not cheap.