Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Conan's Brethren

Robert E. Howard was one of the most prolific fantasy writers of the early 20th century. Having been inspired by tales of the past, he weaved intricate tales. While his most famous tales were that of Conan the Barbarian, he did create some other fantasy heroes that, while not as famous, do have their place in history.

Conan's Brethren was supposed have been released in 2009, however legal troubles prevented the release until 2011. It was published by Gollancz and serves as a sequel to Complete Chronicles of Conan. This book collects stories from Howard's other characters that were published in the pulp magazines at the time. it collects:

Solomon Kane 
"Solomon Kane's Homecoming" (1, poem) 
"Red Shadows" 
"Skulls in the Stars" 
"Rattle of Bones" 
"The Moon of Skulls" 
"The Hills of the Dead" 
"The Footfalls Within" 
"Wings in the Night" 
King Kull
"The Shadow Kingdom" 
"The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune" 
"The King and the Oak" (poem) 
Bran Mak Morn & the Picts 
"The Lost Race" 
"Kings of the Night" 
"The Dark Man" 
"Worms of the Earth" 
Savages, Swordsmen & Sorcerers 
"Spear and Fang" 
"Hawks of Outremer" 
"The Gods of Bal-Sagoth" 
"The Sowers of the Thunder" 
"Lord of Samarcand"
"The Lion of Tiberias" 
"The Shadow of the Vulture" 
"The Valley of the Worm" 
"The Frost King's Daughter" 
"The Garden of Fear"
"Gates of Empire" 
"The Ghost Kings" (poem) 
"Kinsmen of Conan" by Stephen Jones (Afterword) 

The artwork for the book was done by Les Edwards again. Les Edwards is known for his sci-fi and fantasy artwork for many companies within the UK, like Games Workshop. Discworld, HeroQuest and more,

The book itself is an interesting look at the larger world of Conan and his place in the world of literature, as well as sword and sorcery. If you are interested in adding this piece of literary history to your collection, you can get it for around £10 on the secondary market