Sunday, 17 July 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Gokaiger Legend Ranger Key Series 1 - Big One

In 2011, The 35th Super Sentai was released, it was called Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (Pirate Team Gokaiger). Aside from the theme of pirates and treasure hunting, the other theme was based around the 35th anniversary of Super Sentai in general. The gimmick was Ranger Keys, which were small action figures that turned into Keys and were used to turn the rangers into the previous teams.

Released in 2012, Big One was released twice. The first was with Dice-O Magazine, the second one, as we see here, is the Candy Toy version. The box here is small and has a picture of Big One (JAKQ) on the front. It also has a close up of him.

The back of the box has pictures of the other keys in the line up. These being Red Buster (Go-Buster), Go-On Wings (Gokaiger), Dekamaster (Dekaranger), Gosei Knight (Goseiger) and Big One (JAKQ), The key works in the Mobirates as well as other Gokaiger items.

Inside the box itself, we have the Ranger Key and a sticker sheet. You have to apply the black banding between the legs and the key backing yourself.Other than that, the key is fully assembled and ready to use out the box.

Here's the key fully stickered up. They are larger than the US keys and have a more human appearance. The key section is different too. The paint applications are great, even for a minimalist ranger, being mainly white with rainbow details on the helmet, collar and boots. 

You can find these fairly commonly on eBay. They won't work with the US Super Megaforce toys, so only really useful if you collect Gokaiger toys. However, it goes for around £10 boxed or £5 loose.