Monday, 4 July 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Horizon Models Indiana Jones - Henry Sr.

In 1989, fans of Indiana Jones would be treated to the third installment of the saga, Last Crusade, where we'd see his father, Henry Sr make his debut in the movies. 

Released in 1992 by Horizon model kits, this vinyl model kit is based on Sean Connery as Henry Jones Sr from Last Crusade. The box itself features the INDIANA JONES logo in the upper portion. The background is a close up of Henry from the Last Crusade Poster and then the final finished product figure.

The back of the box features the same close up shot of Indy and Henry from the poster. Above that is the INDIANA JONES logo from the front. Then we have another shot of the figure itself, this time from another angle.

Inside the box, we get the instruction sheet and the 1/6th scale figure cast in grey and unpainted vinyl. As this is a vinyl kit, extra care must be taken. Try not to use too much heat, as the model can be distorted. Plastic model cement won't work with these kits, so you'll need epoxy or super glue. 

Vinyl kits go together very easily and don't usually require much in the way of sanding and filling, unlike their plastic counterparts. Here's the instruction sheet for Henry Sr, as well as a painting guide. Yes, you will need to paint everything, as well as the details such as beard, eyes, glasses and suit details. This could be a massive turn off for new model makers.

Here's the kit fully finished and painted. As this is vinyl, you will need to coat the finished model with lacquer to keep the paint from coming off. You will also need to keep it out of direct heat, or the model will sag. However, when finished, it does look great. It's this stage where the model maker responsible can be as creative or as basic as they feel comfortable with. You could leave the figure in his flat brown suit, or if you felt creative enough, you could try a weathered look to his suit.

The Henry Sr and Indy models look great when finished and based. The cost for a set of two is around £40 or $50. These might be something that would put off the basic model maker as it's complex and requires a lot of skill to do.