Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Meerkat Movies A Heroes Journey Comic

Compare The Market is an insurance provider here in the UK. Earlier this year, they started a promotion alongside the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where people who have an account with them could get Sergei and Aleksandr toys as Superman and Batman respectively, as well as that, they released a special edition comic book through DC, which was only available to 100 people in a prize draw.

The comic was written  by Tony Bedard and art was done by veteran artist Neal Adams, colours were done by Hi-Fi design.The comic cover features artwork of Aleksasndr and Sergei in their superhero guises. Rather plain, but fits the theme.

Our story is a loose adaptation of the commercial, which features Aleksandr and Sergei fooling around as Batman and Superman before the movie showing starts. They realise that they'll be late for the movie, so they jump in Aleksandr's limo and find out that the battery is dead, so they have no choice but to run through the mean streets of LA.

Dodging street gangs, dogs and even the police, our heroes finally make it to their movie showing. They leave and prevent each other from giving spoilers, stating "friends don;t let friends ruin movies". As they walk away, they see a police car driving past. They stated that it's not only the police that stop the bad guys, it's also down to superheroes as well.

This short comic is only 16 pages long and is limited edition. It's great to see Neal Adams back again doing this comic. It's short and fun, nice adaptation of a commercial. You can read it for free on the meerkat movies website, the print version is only available as a 100 print run and sells for around £20-30 on the secondary market.