Friday, 8 July 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Legacy Black and Gold Dragonzord

Last summer, we took a look at the Black and Gold Megazord, which you can read here. Now, almost a year later, Bandai are back with the Black and Gold Dragonzord. Lets take a look at it:

While the Dragonzord from 1993 didn't have an original black and gold repaint like the Megazord did, we finally have one in the Legacy toyline. The front of the box is all black, with a hint of colour in the lightning bolt on the logo. The only other colours are gold and red. It works, the colours blend together perfectly and don't feel like they clash.It does a great job of recreating the 93 and Legacy boxes in the new "Black and Gold" theme.

The sides of the box run down the story of Power Rangers late in season 1, as well as a bio card on the Dragonzord itself. The artwork uses the greyscale rangers and logo from elsewhere on the box. The greyscale Dragonzord on the bio card is all new. 

The back of the box is rather plain. It shows the same logos as the front of the box, large image of the Dragonzord and it's combinations with the Black and Gold Megazord. They are using the black and gold one here, but it will also work with the standard Legacy release as well.

The inside of the box has the Dragonzord in a cardboard tray. The zord itself is wrapped in plastic with the accessories wrapped too. In the tray, we have the zord itself. The tail, two sets of hands, the tail tip and the staff itself.

If you're one of the lucky people who owned the Legacy Dragonzord, you know what you're getting. The zord stands around 11 inches tall and features articulation in the tail, arms, wrists and legs. The paint apps are in the gold details with the occasional red to break up the colouring.

For the next bit, you'll need a Megazord, either the standard Legacy or Black and Gold version will do.

The first form is Dragonzord in Fighting Mode. This form is made using the Dragonzord body with the Mastadon, Saber Tooth Tiger and Triceratops. It's formed by simply popping the chest out, attaching it and the tail to the staff base. Fold the legs up to reveal the pegs, then put the Mastdon on the back, with the other zords forming the legs.

The final form is the Mega Dragonzord Form. This requires you to simply split the Dragonzord in half and fold the hands into the chest, leaving them visible through the chest plate. There are tabs on the Dragonzord that must be flipped down to attach them to the shoulders of the Megazord.

One thing to note and it follows on from the legacy Dragonzord. Take care with the head crest, as it's made of a soft rubber and can bend very easily. I like this toy and feel it would make a welcome addition to any collection, HOWEVER, it all depends on if you believe that £80/$80 is worth the price tag for a repainted one. Yes, this is the closest thing we'll be getting to a reissue of the Dragonzord for now, but if you think it's worth it, get it by all means. If you already own the black and gold Megazord, get it as it will be a welcome addition to the collection. However, if you own neither and don't think it's worth it, you can easily skip this and you won't miss much.