Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Legacy Communicator

Early on in the Power Rangers series, Billy invented the Communicator, a wristwatch style device that allowed the Rangers to communicate with the Command Center and teleport there when needed. The communicator lasted from Mighty Morphin all the way to In Space, where they were never seen again afterwards,

The communicator comes in a slightly different box than what we're normally used to. We have the traditional green colour on the box, with the POWER RANGERS logo and the various warning labels. We have LEGACY COMMUNICATOR in gold lettering. The communicator is visible through the lightning bolt on the front. Underneath, there's a picture of all 5 rangers.

The back of the box shows the communicator and it's features, The features box is about half the box, the other half is simply copyright, trademarking and licensing. The top of the feature box recycles the MMPR logo and the LEGACY COMMUNICATOR logo from the front.

The top of the box only recycles the LEGACY COMMUNICATOR logo from the front. The sides recycle the MMPR logo and the smaller features box. It also shows the communicator with all 5 of the plastic inserts attached to the band. Underneath, we have a new graphic of the rangers together.

The box opens slightly different than normal. Cutting the tape allows you to slide off the upper half of the box, which reveals this. The communicator sat in a black tray, with the 4 other inserts around it. In this state, the communicator doesn't work, but I'll get to that shortly. To swap out the plastic bands, simply push them out and swap them as you see fit. They can only go in one way and they are marked.

Before you can activate the sounds, you'll need a small Philips head screwdriver, one out of a glasses repair kit will suffice. You'll need to unscrew the battery compartment on the back, remove the tab shown above, put the watch battery in it's place and then screw the compartment back on.

Here's the communicator itself. It's a 1:1 screen accurate communicator. The communicator itself is made of stainless steel. The SET button is plastic and is used to activate the sounds, The band itself can be taken to a watch shop and either have links removed or added to make it bigger or larger to fit your wrist. This shouldn't be too expensive, however, not really recommended if you intend to sell at a later date. The sounds are:
  • Communicator chirp
  • Respond chirp
  • Teleport
  • Zordon phrases
  • Alpha's "Ai-yai-yai"
Holding in the set button for a few seconds will activate the MMPR theme. Also, when left alone for a few seconds, it will chirp off.

Also to note: do NOT wear the communicator for long periods. The chemicals on the human skin and sweat do not mix well with the metal coated plastic on the back of the communicator and will eventually discolour and strip the metal off.

As a collector's piece, this is fine. It would look great on any shelf with a season 1 collection. The plastic inserts make it fit in with any ranger, however, it's not suited for a cosplay piece. That's why I would recommend the Starlight one for that. I own both. The other downsides: the lack of David Fielding, Robert Manahan or Winston Richard as Zordon, despite the fact Tony Oliver did the Saba voice over and it has Richard Horvitz as Alpha. The lights on the face are only on the right hand side. Also, this might be a turn off for some, but again, we have the MMPR theme. Some variation could have been nice. I'd also say that the metal coming off the plastic might be enough to turn some consumers off. It may get fixed in a later release. 

If you are interested in getting one, if you live in the US, you can get them from TRU. if you live in the UK, you can get them from A1 Toys. Both cost $60 or £60.