Monday, 4 July 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Star Tours Goofy as Chewbacca

Star Tours was as very popular ride in Disney. The first incarnation was a trip through the Original Trilogy universe on a flight to Endor. It proved popular enough that Disney worked with Hasbro and their own Merchandising division to create some interesting toys.

The figure was released in 2008 as part of the 3rd wave of the Star Tours line of figures. The card uses the same black background as the other figures in the series. The top of the card has the STAR WARS logo, It also has the age requirement inside a Mickey head. It also has the DISNEY PARKS MERCHANDISE logo on the right hand side and SERIES 3 underneath that. The main body of the card features a star field logo with the STAR TOURS logo on the bottom of the card.

The back of the card is standard amongst all figures in the wave. The border is black and gold. The main background features the same star field as the front, with a photoshop of the other figures in the wave. 

The figure stands about 4 and a half inches tall from head to foot. The appearance is Goofy smiling while also retaining a lot of Chewbacca's trademark looks. Articulation is the neck, shoulders and hips. He comes with a Bowcaster as his sole accessory. The detail is in the molded fur and bandolier with bag.

I am tempted to get more of these figures as they are unique. Mixing Mickey and Friends, as well as other properties with Star Wars to get some interesting results, be it Donald as Han, Mickey as Luke, Minnie as Leia or even Stitch as the Emperor. These figures vary in price, so keep an eye out for these on the secondary market. You can also find them in Disney parks.