Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Star Wars The Force Awakens 4 Inch General Hux

In 2015, Hasbro released several series of basic figures in waves based on characters from the movie, The Force Awakens. The waves were themed around Desert, Snow and Jungle to name but a few and they came with little weapons or items that combined into larger weapons.

General Hux comes as part of the Space theme of figures. He comes on the standard blister card that has Kylo Ren and the The Force Awakens logo on the upper section. The left hand side of the card has artwork of actor Domnhall Gleeson as General Hux. The rest of the card is the bubble that has the figure inside it.

The back of the card has a short bio for General Hux, as well as showing the combined weapon he makes with the 3 figures in this wave of Space figures. It also shows how it connects to his back. The left hand side shows the three figures in this wave.

The double sided insert for the figure shows the 3 figures and their individual weapons on one side, flipping it over shows how the 3 weapons are put together to form a super weapon, which is the gimmick of the 4 inch basic figures.

Hux's weapon in this case is a drone that also doubles as a jetpack The grey piece is the front and slots over his shoulders pegging into his back.The colouration is white with purple details.

Hux stands approximately 4 inches tall and is based on his appearance from the Starkiller base scenes, as he's wearing the cap, with the First Order insignia on it, as well as his black leather trenchcoat over his uniform. The sleeve of the coat has rank insigna and a First Order insigna on the shoulder. He's articulated at the neck, shoulders and hips, The coat is non removable and part of the sculpt. The likeness to Gleeson is pretty good, though oddly, his head is angled downwards.

His weapon is a First Order pistol, it's all black plastic and fits in his slightly more open left hand, though could also fit in his right.

So here's the figure fully assembled with the jetpack in place and the blaster in his hand. I think it does look kind of OK like this,

Overall, I quite liked this figure. The likeness is there, he looks great. I wish there was more articulation and the jacket was removable. He would look great standing next to the Kylo Ren figure or Phasma, standing over a whole bunch of First Order grunts. I was able to find this figure in my local Tesco for £5.