Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Tesco Star Wars Glasses (Stormtroopers)

Earlier this year, Tesco entered a deal with Disney to release two pairs of limited edition spectacles for Tesco Opticians here in the UK. They generally retail for around £65.

Here's the case for them. Opens up like any normal case. It's made of hard plastic and has STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS embossed on the top. On the bottom is the Trademark and Copyright information.

The inside of the case has a Stormtrooper design on the fabric. The design is reprinted on the bottom as well as the top. The upper portion of the case features a STAR WARS logo and a limited edition beside it.

The frames are black plastic with metal arms and plastic tips. On the metal arms, there's an embossed STAR WARS logo and on the inside of the arms, there's a graphic of 4 Stormtroopers from the movie. The white text on the frame tips are simply copyright and trademarking information.

The frames are male. I've yet to see if there's female ones. They are thicker frame, "geek style", rather than thin metal ones. This style may not be to everyone's taste. But for £65 and on buy one get one free, alongside the prescription lenses, it can be worth a purchase. The thing to note here is: they are only available to Tesco Opticians customers and patients as well.

Here's yours truly wearing them. These are prescription lenses in the frames. They look and feel great. They fit practically perfectly. I haven;t even experienced any slipping of the frames down my face, unlike the thinner framed glasses. So, if you are a Tesco opticians customer and want to add some subtly geeky and yet stylish frames, then I would recommend them