Monday, 25 July 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Thunderbirds Are Go Thunderbird 5

As many fans wait for Season 2 of the critically acclaimed Thunderbirds Are Go reboot from ITV and Pukeko Pictures, Vivid has released it's next 10cm vehicle and the last one.

Thunderbird 5 comes in the same open card as the other vehicles in the 10cm line. The top portion of the card has the TBAG logo and the 5 Tracy Brothers behind it, in their respective colours. The rest of the card is orange. The bottom section has John, the THUNDERBIRD 5 tag and the patch for him. One thing to note, is that the vehicle is actually backwards on the packaging, that's simply down to the space claw and it's placement on the vehicle.

The back of the card runs down all the features of the vehicle, like the sounds and the retractable space claw. It also has a short bio card for John and TB5. The bottom of the card promotes the toys in the 10cm line, as well as the bottom portion havinf the copyright, trademarking and licensing information.

Here's TB5 out of the packaging and flipped round the right way. The rear solar panel can move 360 degrees on it's axis, so you can get some great posing and get it to how you feel most comfortable with. Many people will no doubt notice that this design is much different to the 60s one, now look more sleeker in design and the habitation ring going vertical, rather than horizontal. It still says THUNDERBIRD 5 on the side and has the large 5 on the end.

It's hard to make out, but yes, it does say INTERNATIONAL RESCUE on the interior of the habitation ring, on a red background. Pushing down on the docking clamp makes it say the following phrases:
  • Times like this, I'm glad I'm up here
  • FAB
  • You may be clever for a human, but...I am EOS
  • International Rescue, This is Thunderbird 5. We have a situation
  • Warning alarm sounds

Thunderbird 5 comes with a retractable space claw/space elevator. The claw itself doesn't own, but it can be pulled out and is attached via a piece of white string. Releasing the claw when it's extended, will activate the friction motor inside the habitation ring and cause the space claw to retract. A cool feature, but one that some might not use.

So that's it. All the current Thunderbirds craft have been released. 1,2,3,4,5, TBS and FAB 1. it's been a fun ride collecting them all and reviewing them. I honestly think that this one is one of the middle of the road ones. It has some nice features, some great speech clips, but really, Thunderbird 5 has never been that high on the list of people's favourite craft. Even Gerry Anderson himself said that he hated John and TB5. I was able to get this for £10 from The Entertainer here in the UK