Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Thundercats 2011 4 Inch Panthro

With the 2011 cartoon proving popular, Bandai was tasked with releasing 3 toylines based on the Thundercats franchise. The 4 inch scale 2011 figures, the 6 inch scale 2011 figures and classics. 

Panthro was released in 2011, as part of the first wave of figures. He comes packaged in the standard blister card for this line. It features artwork of the new look Panthro in the upper left. The rest of the bubble is taken up by the figure, holding one of his accessories. 

The back of the card shows the new look Panthro holding his nunchucks. The upper portion of the cart features a bio of Panthro and a short bio on the cartoon series. The rest of the card shows what other toys are available in the first wave of figures.

Panthro stands around 4 inches tall and comes designed after his standard look in the series. He retains a similar look, though the leotard is now replaced by a spiked vest and black pants. He has studded gauntlets and leg guards. Artiuclation is in his neck, shoulders, biceps, wrists, hips, knees and ankles. Accessories are a pair of folded nunchucks that clip into his back and a pair of extended ones, which he can hold in his hands. 

This figure screams Panthro all over. He's big, he's buff and he looks mean. Muscular and scarred from combat, this is one Panthro that has been through the wars. He looks great in the collection and fleshes out the main cast. He costs around £10 for a carded sample on the secondary market.