Thursday, 21 July 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Thundercats 2011 4 Inch Thundertank

What would a Thundercats toyline be without the iconic Thundertank? In the first year, we got the Thundertank, Panthro's baby released in toy form.

The large vehicle of the series, the Thundertank comes boxed and has some great artwork of the tank blazing into action, while launching the Thunder Racer. It has the large logo on the front and then a rundown of the features and the pack in of Snarf.

The back of the box runs down the features again, while showing the tank. On the bottom of the box, we can see the Tower of Omens playset and the basic figures in the wave.

Before we get into the review, I wanted to show you this. This is the Version 1 box for the tank and did make it to retail. It features an all grey redesign of the tank, similar to the original. It's based on an unfinished concept or design, that was changed when the show went into production. This box is harder to find than the stanrdard retail version.

So here's the tank in all it's glory. It comes molded in grey and blue plastic. The cockpit opens to seat a 4 inch scale figure. It is designed more for Panthro. It comes with it's ow versions of the Thunder Racers, which can be launched. These can be replaced with the basic versions. It is free wheeling and also requires batteries for some of the sounds and lights.

Putting Snarf or the other Thunder Lynx figures on the large black fin on the back makes the secret access drop down, which can be used to store figures and accessories. It's interesting that there are molded on tail lights too.

The pack in figure is Snarf, who is articulated at the neck and arms, but posed in this strange standing pose, with his paws out, as if balanced on something. He stands around 2 inches and is the final hero figure needed to complete the main cast.

This tank is a great update from the original toy and really does look great when used with the Thunder Racers. It looks just like it stepped out of the cartoon. Sure, it's a little smaller and only fits a figure in the cockpit, but it's a nice nod to the original. Boxed ones go for around £20