Thursday, 21 July 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Thundercats 2011 4 Inch Lizard Cannon (with Lizard Soldier)

It wasn't just the heroes that got their own vehicles back in the First Year of toys, it was also the villains that got their turn.

The Lizard Cannon comes in the same box packaging as the other Basic Vehicles. It shows has the logo in the upper right of the box. Then the rest of the box has the information about the vehicle. The large window shows the cannon and the figure inside. 

The back of the box is the same as the others. It shows the Lizard Cannon with the soldier figure. It has a small graphic, showing the action feature. In the lower sections, there's an advert for the Thundertank and other figures in the basic wave. In the right hand box, there's an advert for the Thunder Racers.

The vehicle is a missile firing cannon ontop of a wheeled base. The gun part can raise and lower, as well as rotate left and right. Placing the Lizard soldier inside the seat and connecting the ports, makes the missile fire. The figure grips the top of the cannon pretty well, but will need some jiggling around to get him seated properly.

At first glance, many people thought that this was the redesigned Slithe, however, it's just a generic foot soldier. He's articulated at the neck, shoulders, biceps, wrist, tail and knees. He comes painted in a blue colour, with metallic helmet, armour pieces, grenades, belt and loin cloth.

While slightly weaker than the other releases, this set actually makes a welcome addition to the villain forces, which only consisted, at the time, of Mumm-Ra and Grune. If you are interested in adding this to your collection, then it'll set you back around £15-20