Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Thundercats 2011 4 Inch Mumm-Ra

In 2011, Cartoon Network aired the much acclaimed reboot of Thundercats. Bandai were licensed to make action figures based on the show.

Mumm-Ra, the perennial villain of the series, comes packaged on the standard blister card for the first wave of figures. It features artwork work of the villain on the upper left, while the rest of the card is taken up with the bubble. Buyers can see into the bubble and see the figure with all his accessories.

The back of the card shows Mumm-Ra. It has a bio for the character in a multitude of languages. The rest of the upper section of the card shows off the other figures in the wave.,Underneath is the vehicles.

This version of Mumm-Ra is based on his mummy form, seen in many episodes. He comes with a red cloak, the Sword of Plun-Dar and the Gauntlet of Plundar, both of which don't really fit in his hands all that well. He's meant to be able to hold the sword in his left hand and the gauntlet on his right, but neither stay on that well. Articulation is barely there, moving at the neck, shoulders, wrists and waist.

Added to the fact he can't hold his accessories, the sculpt is by far the weakest of them all, articulation is poor and he just looks bad overall. The sculpt's face makes him look like a blue skinned monkey.

By far the weakest and worst figure in all of the first wave. Then again, the 1980s Mummy Mumm-Ra was as bad as this. This isn't much of a step up to be quite honest. This is one figure that can easily be skipped.