Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Thundercats 2011 4 Inch Tygra (Deluxe)

The 2011 Bandai Toyline was doing well at store shelves. The first wave of Basic Figures had all the main cast members from earlier episodes. The deluxe figures were very hit and miss 

Deluxe Tygra was the second figure released in the first Deluxe wave. He comes in the same open window box that Lion-O did, only differences here being the graphics on the front changed to TYGRA, and the image in the upper left.

The back of the box is largely the same as Lion-O's. It shows how the figure works, a small bio for the character and a look at the other toys out at the time or were coming soon.

The first thing many of you will note is how the base is the same as Lion-O's, just painted gold. The figure is basically a statue like Lion-O, only articulate at the shoulders. Putting the whip in his hand and connecting him to the base, then pushing the button makes the logo light up while Tygra flails his arm, in a whipping motion. 

In my opinion, the Tygra and Lion-O Deluxe figures are by far the weakest in this range. The are barely articulate and only have an action feature. Not nearly enough when they were asking more at the time. To be honest, you;d be better off sticking to the regular basic editions.