Thursday, 21 July 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Thundercats 2011 Tower Of Omens Playset.

When the first year of toys slowly died down, Bandai released it's first and only playset in the series. 

The Tower comes in a large box that shows what the toy looks like, as well as the other features and items it comes with.

The back of the box shows all the features again, this time in greater detail. The bottom of the box has all the figures and vehicles in the First year of toys.

The playset is large and comes with a multitude of features. Tapping a figure or the pack in clear Tygra, will open the front gates of the tower. The playset comes in primarily browns and blues. Sculpting is great and features loads of details.

Putting a figure on the lift sends it upwards, where it opens the roof. These become a slide for the figure to drop back down to ground level. When the figure gets to the top, it activates the beacon at the top, which shines the Thundercats cat head logo with a shout of "THUNDERCATS HOOO!".

The other accessories in the playset are a catapult which fires projectiles with a lever on the side. Simply pull it back, put a boulder in the cat's mouth and press the lever down to make it fire. The other accessory is a battle cart, which when a 4 inch figure is put in, the cat's head pops up and the missile fires. 

The pack in figure for this set is a clear Tygra. It's the same shirt and shorts Tygra that came with the Thunder Racer, now molded in clear plastic, emulating his invisibility. Articulation is the same. He comes with no accessories at all.

Overall, a very interesting playset. Not exactly a direct rip of the tower from the episode, more inspired by to get more play value out of. It's a shame we didn't get Cat's Lair or Mumm-Ra's Pyramid. I think those would have gone over better than the Tower. Despite costing £40 back in 2011, the set now fetches around £20.