Thursday, 21 July 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Thundercats 2012 4 Inch Mumm-Ra The Ever Living

There was only one villain toy released in the Year 2 line up. Despite new villains appearing in the cartoon, they didn't make the jump into plastic form,

The figure comes in the standard blister card for all the basic figures. The card features the THUNDERCATS logo on the front, with the new look Mumm-Ra art on the upper left. The rest of the bubble is the figure and the accessory.

The back of the card shows Mumm-Ra with a bio for him and the show. The rest of the card shows the toys in the wave.

The figure stands about 4 inches tall and is based Mumm-Ra's monster form. He's articulated in the head, shoulders, bicep, wrist, waist, hips and knees. The sculpt is great, though some might be put off by the proportions of the figure. His sole accessory is the Sword of Plundarr, which he can't hold that well. 

As far as updates go, Mumm-Ra gets one that looks and feels close to the original. But again, some might be put off by the small head, lanky legs and gorilla arms of the figure. However, it is the only basic version of Mumm-Ra's Ever Living form.