Saturday, 23 July 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Thundercats 2012 4 inch Tiger Flyer (Tygus)

With the Year 1 basic vehicles having 3 releases, Year 2 only had a single one, one based on a flashback episode.,

The Tiger Flyer comes in the standard box that all the Basic Vehicles came in. It has the redesigned THUNDERCATS logo on the upper portion of the box and then the TIGER FLYER name tag. The flyer and the figure are visible in the box.

The back of the box shows the Tiger Flyer and the Tygus figure. The rest of the box shows the figures and vehicles in the rest of the line.

The Tiger Flyer is shaped similar to a one man glider, but jet powered. The feet can retract inwards while in flight mode. The jaw opens to reveal a laser cannon. When a 4 inch scale figure is put in it and connected via Thunder Lynx, the eyes light up. 

Tygus himself is a character from the flashback episode and is shown to be a servant of Mumm-Ras. He stands about 4 inches tall and comes modelled in what appears to be a brown flightsuit with fur collar and grey chest armour. Articulation is in the neck, shoulders, biceps, wrist, hips and knees. While he doesn't come with any accessories, many collectors would consider him to be the accessory.

An interesting idea from Bandai to say the least. It was daring of them to use a minor character and a minor vehicle from a flashback to the past to sell as a toy. There probably wasn't much they could use from the second half as a basic and small vehicle. But it's an interesting addition to any collection nonetheless.