Saturday, 23 July 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Thundercats 2012 4 Inch Deluxe Panthro

In 2012, Bandai continued the line of Deluxe figures. However, due to the line's waning popularity and lack of new toys on the shelves, the deluxe wave only consisted of 3 figures.

Panthro comes in the standard box for the Deluxes. It reuses the THUNDERCATS logo and the artwork from the wave 1 Basic figure card. The rest of the box is a large window with which a buyer can see the figure and base inside.

The artwork on the back of the box has Panthro with a small bio. It shows how it works as well. The rest of the bottom of the card has the vehicles available at the time and the other Deluxe figures.

Panthro comes designed after his original look from the first half of the season. He has no articulation, other than the head and arm. Putting the figure on the base, connecting the Thunder Lynx ports and then pushing the button makes Panthro spin his nunchucks. 

By far one of the weakest deluxe figures. I simply can't understand why they made the hero deluxe figures absolutely weak and useless. They have no articulation and are little more than statues with an action figure. The villain pieces ended up so much better.