Saturday, 23 July 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Thundercats 2012 Deluxe Slithe

The deluxe line continued into 2012. There were 3 figures in the 2012 line that made up the deluxes. These were slightly better than the first release figures.

Slithe comes in the standard box for all the deluxe figures. The box has the THUNDERCATS logo in the upper section and has all new artwork of Slithe on the side. The contents of the set are visible through the window.

The back of the card shows Slithe and his action gimmick. There's a brief bio in other languages around him. The bottom half of the card shows the vehicles and deluxe figures in Year 2's release.

Slithe comes modeled after his appearance in the cartoon. His articulation is in the neck and shoulders. His accessories are a 3 piece barrel and Jaga in his soul lamp. Pulling slithe's arms back locks them in place, tapping Jaga's lap on the Thunder Lynx port on his back makes his arms slam together, "destroying" the barrel. He has no articulation otherwise,

It's a real shame to me that the only way fans were able to get Jaga and Slithe in the 2012 line was through this set. They should have released this as a basic to be quite honest. It feels a little cheap that the only version of Slithe released was a barely articulated Deluxe. Unless you are desperate to get ALL the figures and the villains, then this one really is a skippable choice.