Sunday, 24 July 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Thundercats 2012 Armour of Omens

Towards the middle of 2012, the show was officially cancelled and then the toyline was officially cancelled by Bandai, ending any chance of getting certain figures.

The Armor of Omens comes in this large window box. The box has the THUNDERCATS logo on the bottom, next to new artwork of the Armor.

The back of the box shows the Armor with a short bio of the figure in question and the cartoon series. It also runs down the figure's features. The bottom half of the box has all the vehicles and figures from the year 2 collection

The Armor stands around 12 inches tall. It's modelled after the Armor from a flashback episode. The articulation is in the neck, shoulders, biceps, wrist and tail, His sole accessory is a large Sword of Omens that fits in his left hand. 

His gimmick is that he acts like armour for any 4 inch scale figure. By lifting the lion head chest plate, the waist drops open and you can put in any 4 inch figure, even the original Lion-O figure. Though it works best with the figure he came packaged with:

The pack in figure is Lion-O or Leo if you so prefer. It's a repack of the Thunder Racer Lion-O in the shirt and shorts, now molded in gold plastic. He shares all the articulation of the original release figure. 

As one of the last release vehicles, it's interesting that they chose this to be the swansong. With the show being canned and the toyline ending, it felt like there was so much unfulfilled potential with this line. If you are interested, a set will cost you around £20