Thursday, 28 July 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Transformers Armada Vol 2

Armada was an interesting vehicle for Hasbro. Yes, the Cartoon was hit and miss, but the toys proved to be a massive selling point and proved popular. Armada is considered to be THE show that got many younger generation of fans into Transformers in the first place.

The DVD case for Vol 2 comes in a yellow and purple design, featuring Hot Shot on the cover. Taken from toy art and appears to be drawn by Dreamwave, or at least in the Dreamwave style. This disc has 4 episodes on it, covering 4-8. 

No booklet or insert, but the disc comes in the same yellow and purple design, with the same Hot Shot on it. Also on the disc is all the copyright, licensing and other information.

Comrade is an episode where the Autobots go after a new Minicon, It sees the introduction of Perceptor and Sparkplug. The episode is identical to it's TV release and I noticed no discernible difference in the DVD transfer or audio

Soldier sees the Transformers on the hunt for Minicons in the South Pole, while also telling the origin story of Red Alert. The transfer is spot on.

Jungle sees the Transformers battle over minicons in a forest, which almost destroys it. Starscream gets his own Minicon. The transfer is spot on, noticed no real difference in quality or sound.

The Autobots end up going to a nearby Carnival, a case of mistaken identity gets the Autobots into trouble. Again, no real issue here with anything,

The disc comes with 2 special features. The first of which is called Minicon Tag, where players must use their remote or mouse, if on a PC, to click on minicons to capture them. It progressively gets harder and faster. The second is a small fact file section, which lists all the Autobots, Decepticons and Minicons seen up to this point. Each fact file runs down their bio, as well as a short clip of the character in action and transforming.

I was able to pick up this DVD for 50p from a second hand store and I was impressed by it. Sure, it only has 4 eps and a small DVD game. However, given the fact that this is all us UK Transfans got, then it really is better than not having one. Unless that is, if you import the US set.