Sunday, 31 July 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Transformers Armada Vol 4

Transformers Armada was the project Hasbro started in 2002. Instead of making an all new series from the ground up like they had done with G1 and Beast Era, Habsro had followed on from Robots in Disguise and simply dubbed over a Japanese cartoon called Micron Legend. It used the voice cast from the Beast Era. It was divisive between older and newer fans, with children being enthralled by it and it's cast of colourful characters. The show was still popular, despite the animation errors. The toy line helped with it's popularity.

The final volume in the UK series of DVDs was published by Right Entertainment, licensed by Universal in 2005. It marked the fact that both vols 3 and 4 were published 2 years after Vol 2 in 2003. The cover is Orange and Blue, with Dreamwave artwork of Megatron on the cover. It has episodes 11-13 on it.

There are no inserts inside the case. The disc itself is the same orange as the front. Same artwork of Megatron as well.

Ruin is the 11th episode in the series. In this one, the Transformers locate a mysterious city underwater, the fabled Atlantis. In the city, they find the secrets of the Minicons. Will they be used for evil or good? I noticed no major issues with transfer or aspect ratio,

Prehistory is the 12th episode. In this episode, we get a flashback to the origin of the Transformers, the battle for Cybertron and them leaving Cybertron for Earth. No real issues here either.

Swoop is the 13th and final episode on this disc. Megatron gets his hands on the Star Saber, an ultimate weapon. Will this mean the end of the Autobots? No major issues here either.

I paid 50p for this disc from a second hand store. I found no issues with it. However, it is a real shame that the series wasn't continued in full. I would have liked to have seen a complete release in the UK, instead, we had to import.